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The rise of ‘Destination Offices’
20 October, 2021

The Story

Returning to the office from a post-COVID-19 world has most of our clients thinking, ‘how do we see our office being used in the future? What do we need to offer now that we didn’t before to encourage staff back into the workplace? – Kate McDermott, Design Director.

First things first; what is a Destination Office? It’s a workplace that embodies and strengthens your organisation’s culture, through clever design, provoking human interaction and collaboration – the very thing we have been lacking for the last 18 months. It must provide an ecosystem of spaces designed to encourage formal and informal conversation, whether that be for internal or external purposes.  

Why should you consider making your office space a ‘Destination’? In the short term, it’s to encourage osmosis and cross pollination of teams and individuals – socially and professionally, reinforcing the company’s culture. In the long term, it’s to attract and retain the best talent within your industry and ensure you are providing spaces to facilitate productivity and happiness. Demand for these kinds of spaces is high and the feedback so far has been undeniably positive.

But is it too much, too soon? Definitely not! If anything, the past 18 months has shown us with polarising clarity what staff consider the ideal working scenario. Flexibility is key. Rather than solely fixed position desks, consider alternative work settings. They are a useful way of maximising space, whilst giving staff choice on how they work, based on the task at hand. Look to introduce ‘Zoom Booths’, standing desks, touchdown tables and breakout spaces. Identify spaces that staff are lacking at home and bringing them into your space, ensuring you have the correct technology to enable seamless hybrid collaboration – like a home away from home, but with better technology, ergonomics, and atmosphere.

We must adapt to people and not the other way round, which is why we are frequently looking at creating a ‘Destination Office’ for our clients. Ultimately, when people thrive, organisations thrive too.

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