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Stickers aren’t just for kids
20 October, 2021

The Story

Vinyl wall stickers might just be the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to add life and functionality to a space. With the shortest turnaround time of almost any customisable product, they take versatility to a whole new level. – Ash Ahern, Graphic Designer.

Do you have an area in your office that just looks ‘just a little bit empty’, or are you wondering that the best solution is for wayfinding in your workplace?  The list of applications of vinyl wall stickers is literally endless, as are the reasons to consider including them in your office design. As difficult as it is to choose, here are my top three:

Ease of installation and removal – one hey word here: flexibility. Vinyl wall stickers pay homage to the changeable nature of office design. Whether you corporate branding has been updated, or you need to change the wayfinding in your common spaces, vinyl wall stickers present a cost-effective, quick and easy option for businesses to make non-permanent alterations to a space. In the end, if you don’t like the design you’ve chosen, it can be removed with ease.

Hiding a world of unsightly, yet essential office services – If you’ve ever been involved in office design before, you will know that there are always permanent aspects of the building what won’t match the aesthetic. It might be that your lift doors don’t match the branding on your floor/s, or the risers that you are trying to hide behind furniture need to be accessed constantly. This product sticks to anything. I mean, literally anything. The versatility of this product makes hiding the ‘unsightly, yet essential’ aspects of your office a breeze. Moving parts? No problem. The stickers are sliced and diced to perfectly match up with any gaps, joins or bends in the surface, making your finished design seamless.

Fully customisable – Any design you could possibly imagine is possible to put on a wall with vinyl stickers. It could be as simple as photography or as complex as the London Tube Map and beyond. Maris has a team of Graphic Designers to help you with fully customised designs for any application in your workspace.

If this is something you are interested in for your workplace, consult your Design Director. Our approved suppliers will be able to provide a list of substrates their products are suitable for during the Visualising and Finishes selection process.

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