The rise of
‘Destination Offices’
20 September, 2022
If you want to get people into the workplace, you need to give them a positive incentive. 

With the advent of working from home and hybrid working, those who want to attract new and existing team members back into the office need to rethink their use of their space and their approach to its design. 

Sure, you could go down the forceful route of telling people they have to come in otherwise they will lose their jobs, but with other employers willing to offer a remote or hybrid approach and a widespread talent shortage you could easily find yourself with a mass exodus. Savvy business owners are watching the changing environment and have realised something important – if you want to get people into the workplace, you need to give them a positive incentive. 

Welcome to the age of destination offices.

What is a destination office?

A destination office is a workplace that embodies and strengthens your organisation’s culture through clever design and encouraging human interaction and collaboration. It enhances the very things we lack when we’re home alone. 

It’s a place where people want to come because it enhances their experience of work – they gain something from it – they’re not simply arriving and sitting at a desk in a corner – they’re becoming energised, informed, educated, perhaps it’s even a great opportunity to meet people to enjoy lunchtime leisure and a great cup of coffee. 

So, how do you go about creating this kind of entrepreneurial Mecca?

How to create a destination office?

Creating a destination office depends, in many ways, on the specifics of your business – your character, your values, your culture, your people and your goals. However, one key element applies every time – this is about creating a space that’s designed to enhance the human experience. 

That means it’s essential to provide an ecosystem of spaces for different wants and needs. For example, there should be space for quiet independent working as well as innovation and collaboration. You want environments for formal and informal conversation – ranging from meeting rooms to an office coffee shop that can compete with the best baristas on the block. You also need to consider the range of neurodiverse needs, and create spaces that are for your team as well as those that are for communications with external parties like clients and partners.

Why create a destination office?

Why should you consider making your office space a destination? In the short-term, it’s to encourage people into the workplace. That helps you to build and preserve your company culture, team members can benefit from learning by osmosis, and everyone can enjoy the positive results of cross-pollination when it comes to the ideas and innovations of different teams and individuals. Socially and professionally, it reinforces the company’s culture. It also helps to improve staff wellbeing, which is good for everyone.

In the long-term, creating a destination office is about future proofing your business. It’s about attracting and retaining the best talent within your industry and ensuring you are providing spaces that facilitate productivity as well as happiness. Demand for this kind of space is high and the feedback from the working environments that we have created has been undeniably positive.

Is a destination office really necessary?

Absolutely, the years since the pandemic have provided stark clarity when it comes to what staff consider to be the ideal working scenario. 

  • Flexibility is key: rather than being sat at fixed position desks, they want alternative work settings such as ‘Zoom Booths’, standing desks, touchdown tables and breakout spaces.
  • Maximising your space: destination offices are a useful way of maximising space, whilst giving staff choices when it comes to how they work based on the task at hand.
  • Enhanced lifestyles: Essential to a destination office is the opportunity to identify spaces that staff are lacking at home and bringing them into your work environment, ensuring you have the correct technology to enable seamless hybrid collaboration. You can make it like a home away from home, but with better technology, ergonomics, and atmosphere so they have a better work day than they would at home.

Crucially, businesses that want to be successful going forwards must adapt to people and not expect things to be the other way round. The forward-thinkers amongst business owners know this, and that’s why we are increasingly being asked to create destination offices. Ultimately, when people thrive, organisations thrive too.

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