1 December, 2023
To infinity and beyond: Planet’s office design 
Maris brings disruptive thinking to Planet's new office design. 

Planet is a company that does finance with a difference. The ‘home of feel-good connected commerce’ is a business with a dynamic way of thinking, and they needed a workspace to match. Planet approached Maris with the brief and following a ‘disruptive’ pitch (in all the best ways), decided they wanted to work with us. Here, Gareth Williams, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief of Staff to the CEO, tells his side of the story.  

What were you looking for when you came to Maris? 

The mission was to find a partner that could face into the legacy of Covid. In a world where people were staying at home to work, we wanted an environment that gave them a reason to come to the office. We didn’t want a traditional space; we wanted a place that encouraged collaboration and was fun to be a part of. 

I was clear from the start about what I didn’t want, and it was Chief Design Officer, Colin, who’s disruptive thinking, innovation and boundary pushing – making us step back and think differently about the world of work – won us over.

How did you feel Maris helped you in developing your workspace? 

It really came down to three things throughout the project: 

  • They brought disruptive thinking to the space, which was exactly what I wanted. 
  • They were able to translate the vision into an actual design. 
  • While there were some bumps in the road, Maris was committed to working them through. Things happen, that’s just life, but they proactively found ways to resolve them and that was great.  

What did you enjoy about working with Maris? 

The team are lovely – they’re an entrepreneurial family with great energy. I really enjoyed working with them. We did the request for proposal (RFP), and I said, ‘please don’t give me what everyone else gets.’ It took bravery to come forward with something radical and that stood out.  

Planet's new London office design

How do you feel about the final office design? 

Two things are significant about the result. Firstly, it met the brief and that doesn’t always happen. It really looked like I thought it was going to look; it’s a skill to turn a vision into a set of designs then execute them to expectation. Secondly, the quality of the work stands out, especially in the bar area. 

Office design for Planet - private members lounge

Are there any specific features of the office design that you like? 

The designs were centred around a private members club vibe – the team did an excellent job bringing that to life. The bar is probably my favourite area though, with the tile selection, the gold framing, the shape and size and its multifunctional nature.

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