Select Equity
20 March, 2024
Designing a sophisticated London office for Select Equity
Taking the American global investment firm into their next phase of their London life with a sophisticated new office in Fitzrovia.

The brief  

Design an office for Select Equity, that straddles the lines between traditional and contemporary workspace and enticed employees back to the office.

The solution   

Draw on the ultra-modern style of the building, create a low-key luxe aesthetic across an office with different spaces for both independent working and collaboration.

The result  

A space that provides private work areas for quiet concentration, as a space that encourages community and collaboration among the team.

A global investment firm based in New York and managing more than $35 billion in assets around the world, Select Equity needed a new London office for their UK team.

Having been in their original office for a number of years, the company growth and evolution meant they had chosen to move to a stylish, standalone building at 22 Percy Street in London’s Fitzrovia.

A brand-new property, it is characterised by its entirely glazed extra, flood of natural light and spectacular views of the city, which set the tone for the design and build of the interior space.

The move took place in the wake of the pandemic, and as well as creating an environment that spoke to the future of the company, Select Equity wanted to use it as an opportunity to create excitement amongst team members about returning to the office.

Select Equity

Reflecting a global brand

Taking both the seventh and eighth floors (one as a reception and meet and greet area while the other is a working floor), the style of the space was set to be unequivocally chic. The concept showcases sophistication through attention to detail and rich finishes, whilst embodying an understated sense of luxury throughout.

Drawing on the company’s American roots, we used warm walnut woodwork, feature joinery and antique brass ironmongery throughout, offset by clean white walls, marble, leather and stone finishes. A white timber batten effect and slatted wall defined the reception area from the rest of the space, giving it a sense of purpose as the entry point and greeting area. 

Touches of earthy red in boardroom chairs and kitchen stools added a pop of colour that aligned tonally with the timber finishes. Meanwhile, investment artworks owned by the company added the final layer of character and intrigue.

Select Equity

Working with the architecture

The building itself was a key influencer in the design narrative, combined with the character of the business and its global brand guidelines, all brought together in a language befitting its UK team.

There’s a traditionalism to the layout, which was designed around vast columns set within the floorspace. These posed a challenge to ingrate into the design, which we achieved by using them to position partitions within the space. For example, the reception desk is part of a column, wrapped in a mirror effect to give it the impression of disappearing rather than interrupting the visual flow.

The tea point is a particular feature within the office, once again utilising the walnut woodwork leitmotif from the rest of the office. Carefully placed so that all employees must walk through the space when entering the office, it encourages them to get together, interact, exchange ideas, creating a sense of community.

Select Equity

Modern traditionalism

The result is a contemporary take on a traditional office, providing private work areas for employees to focus on tasks or have private meetings, as well as providing welcoming spaces to come together, socialise and be with clients. The aesthetic and the values clearly align with the international brand, showcasing its success as an organisation subtly and appropriately.

“Select Equity was a very sophisticated project to work on where attention to detail was at the heart of things. Creating an environment that reflected their professionalism and stature as a brand, but without being ostentatious, was really important, making the materials, the finish and the sense of flow through the space fundamental to its success.”

Ellie Mumford, Design Director at Maris Interiors

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