15 March, 2024
Creating a Dynamic New London HQ for Cassava Technologies
We helped the global leader to move their UK office, reducing the size but upgrading the experience to fit contemporary working practices, as well as the vision of the organisation.

The brief  

The global tech leader aimed to downsize and upgrade their London office, emphasising the brand’s vision, social values, and dynamic approach.

The solution   

Downsize yet upgrade the workspace, reflecting their vision. Dynamic design, digital integration, honouring heritage, creating a future ready workspace.

The result  

A contemporary and welcoming environment that inspires both those who work there and those who visit to embrace the ambitions and energy of the organisation.

Cassava Technologies, a pioneering Pan-African tech conglomerate with a mission to drive digital transformation across the continent, embarked on a strategic initiative to relocate its UK office.

Tasked with this significant endeavour, Cassava sought to not only streamline its operational footprint but also elevate the employee and visitor experience to align with contemporary working practices and reflect the organisation’s ambitious vision. As a trusted partner, having previously collaborated successfully with one of Cassava’s subsidiaries, Liquid Technologies, we were privileged to lead the design and build project for Cassava’s new London headquarters.


Going up while Scaling Down

The decision to remain within the same building while transitioning to the top floor epitomised Cassava’s approach to office relocation. Despite downsizing spatially, the move was accompanied by a profound upgrade in both functionality and aesthetics. This shift also mirrored Cassava’s commitment to hybrid working models, acknowledging the evolving dynamics of the modern workplace.

Leveraging our established rapport with Cassava, built on a foundation of successful past collaborations, we embarked on a journey to transform their workspace into a dynamic hub that reflected the essence of the organisation and its forward-looking ethos.

Design Infused with Brand Character

Central to the design philosophy was the seamless integration of Cassava’s brand identity into every facet of the new office space. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive star-shaped logo and yin yang structure emblematic of Cassava, our design team crafted an environment that resonated with the organisation’s values and aspirations.

Departing from the conventional corporate ambiance of their previous space, the new office exuded a vibrant, energetic aura from the moment one stepped through the entrance.

The co-working space, reminiscent of a bustling business lounge, welcomed employees and visitors alike, setting the tone for collaboration and innovation. Dynamic angles mirroring Cassava’s branding permeated the design, while strategic placement of amenities such as an angled bar area and open team spaces fostered inclusivity and interaction.

Furthermore, the incorporation of acoustic rafts in abstract shapes not only contributed to the aesthetic appeal but also enhanced the overall acoustics, creating an environment conducive to productivity and creativity.


Heritage and Collaboration

A collaborative approach underpinned every aspect of the design process, with direct involvement from Cassava’s leadership team.

Working closely with the Deputy Chairman and CMO, we translated their vision into tangible design elements that honoured the organisation’s heritage and aspirations.

From African-inspired meeting room graphics to curated artworks celebrating the continent’s rich cultural tapestry, each detail was meticulously curated to weave Cassava’s story into the fabric of the office space.

The result was a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, where digital integration seamlessly complemented authentic, human-centric design elements.

Digital Style; Human Space

Digital integration, intrinsic to Cassava’s core business model, was seamlessly woven into the fabric of the office space. Rather than overwhelming visitors with an array of logos, digital screens display the respective brand identities upon entry, reflecting Cassava’s commitment to innovation and technological excellence.

This juxtaposition of digital sophistication with warm, inviting design elements created a space that was not only aesthetically captivating but also functionally efficient—a testament to Cassava’s vision and commitment to excellence.

Through a collaborative and innovative approach, Cassava Technologies’ new London headquarters stands as a testament to the organisation’s commitment to excellence and innovation. By infusing every aspect of the design with the essence of the Cassava brand, we have created a dynamic and inspiring workspace that reflects the organisation’s rich heritage, ambitious vision, and unwavering dedication to driving digital transformation across Africa and beyond.

Moving forward, the new headquarters will serve as a beacon of creativity, collaboration, and success, embodying Cassava’s ethos of forging a digitally connected future for all.

“Cassava Technologies were extremely clear about what they wanted and were responsive in their approach, resulting in quick, decision-making that enabled every stage of the journey to move forward quickly and efficiently.”

Jose Mercado, Design Director at Maris Interiors

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