Planet financial services office design
30 November, 2023
Bringing boutique hotel design to a financial services office for Planet
The home of feel-good connected commerce company Planet, gets their own financial services office design.

The challenge

To design an environment for Planet that gives staff a reason to come to the office, encouraged collaboration and was fun to be a part of.

The solution

To treat the space like a private members club vibe, borrowing elements from boutique hotels to create a comfortable and collaborative, stylish home-from-home.

The result

A playground for creative opportunity and professional connectivity, Planet’s new offices are multi-functional, sophisticated and unlike any other.

A financial services workplace fit for the modern world

Post pandemic, the financial services company, Planet, who specialise in commerce technologies across the retail and hospitality sectors, wanted to create a London working environment fit for the modern age.

Their goal was to develop a space that didn’t feel like coming to work, with a member’s club feel and areas that replicated the comforts of home but with a unique destination style. In short, they wanted it to be a place people chose to come to whilst being like nothing anyone had seen before.

Maris pitched for the job, and in the words of Planet’s Chief Transformation Officer, Gareth Williams:

“I was clear from the start about what I didn’t want, and it was Chief Design Officer, Colin, who’s disruptive thinking, innovation and boundary pushing – making us step back and think differently about the world of work – won us over.”

An office where people want to be

The concept was to create a series of zones, similar to a playground, so people could come to the office and work the way they wanted to, whilst at the same time providing a welcoming and professional client experience from the moment someone stepped through the door.

The design featured a bar-style reception, an elegant yet super flexible dining area that could also be used for presentations, open plan desk space for a variety of collaborative and focused working, small meeting rooms for private calls, one-to-one conversations or quiet working, and executive suites.

Planet financial services office design executive suite

The idea was not to tell people they needed to work in the office all the time, but to create an environment ripe for when they do attend the office. A financial services office design to cater for meeting people, generating concepts, communicating, exchanging ideas and co-creating presentations. They could then take that experience and drop down on an available desk or, as it suited, move the idea forward in an out-of-office setting.

Planet financial services office design social and breakout area

A playground for workplace opportunity

The style of the space was very much in response to the company listening to their people and what they wanted from the working environment.

As a tech company they wanted to act on their forward-thinking mindset, but they didn’t want to wear it on their sleeve, so to speak. Rather than creating and aesthetic typical of a tech organisation, they wanted technology to speak through its functionality. Therefore, alongside plush, sophisticated, comfortable furnishings, textures and colour palette, we carefully considered details such as the ambient lighting levels and seamlessly operating digital screens.

“I love the idea of creating a playground for people to work in and that’s exactly what the Planet offices are. If you want to work on the sofa because you’re more productive that way, then there’s a space for that – it’s an environment people love to be in, and that’s so important.”

Adam Haury, Design Director, Maris Interiors

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