16 August, 2023
Zoom orders workers back to the office
Even the brand synonymous with remote work values time together

During the pandemic, the video communications company, Zoom, skyrocketed in popularity as it enabled us all to work together – from home. Since we’ve been able to return to the office there has been much debate about who, how and how much people work from home, with the benefits of time in the office steadily rising to the surface. In fact, even Zoom is insisting on some time together as, this month, it requested its staff come back to the office for part of the working week.

The firm stated its belief in the efficacy of a “structured hybrid approach”, insisting that people living within 50 miles (80km) of an office should work in person at least twice a week.  They’re not the only company who see the benefits of some dedicated time in the office – Amazon and Disney have reduced remote workdays. It’s an about turn for Zoom, who once said staff would be able to work remotely indefinitely, and it comes in the wake of having opened a new London office.

The move is very much in line with what we see our own clients wanting and enjoying. We are finding the trend towards returning to the office to be growing stronger as each month goes by. With the right design, we have found that carefully considered office spaces not only excite team members about coming into the office, but also create a more positive, healthy working culture that both businesses and team members enjoy. Alongside structured remote working practices, coming back to the office enables both organisations and individuals to gain the best of all worlds.

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