brand in workplace design
2 April, 2024
Why brand is critical in workplace design
Marketing talks a lot about brand, branding, and brand positioning. Often people associate it with the aesthetic details - logo, colours, perhaps the tone of voice used in a company's communications.

Marketing talks a lot about brand, branding, and brand positioning. Often people associate it with the aesthetic details – logo, colours, perhaps the tone of voice used in a company’s communications.

However, look to the businesses that need no introduction because their brand does all the talking, and you start to see that brand can become the most valuable asset a company ever creates.

So, what is the importance of branding and identity, how does it translate to workplace design, and why should it?

What is the purpose of branding and identity design?

Branding and brand identity give people an insight into who your company is and how you operate – your values, your credibility, and your character. This is how you become recognisable, but it’s also how you become synonymous with the credentials that help to inform the success of your business.

When we talk about brand or brand value, we tend to think about things that are client-facing, but authentic brand value starts within a company, its culture and with a team that has a sense of purpose.

In recent years the authenticity of brands has come to be even more important as consumers become more savvy, more aware, less loyal and more value driven. Forbes writes:

“In today’s business ecosystem in which every company, from small startups to large conglomerates, is external-facing and competes on a global stage, having a distinct and authentic brand identity and an emotional connection with your audience is more critical than ever.”

brand in workplace design

Why is brand important?

A company’s brand is important because it’s a marker of trust. A symbol synonymous with the values, the culture, the product, and service you provide. The reputation of your brand indicates whether people want to buy from you, partner with you, work for you and so forth.

Brand is also value enhancing for the product, service, and company as a whole. Brand is the reason that people are willing to pay a premium for certain products because there’s a name attached to them associated with a value they want to connect with. Equally, brand is what gives a company a value that’s more than the sum of its parts. That’s when the brand becomes of particular interest to shareholders.

brand in workplace design

Brand in workplace design

One of the vital factors of creating a successful brand externally is ensuring it’s successful internally first. It’s not enough to have the colours and the logo – you need your team to live, breathe and believe in your brand, speaking its language, representing its values, and honouring its messages day-in, day-out.

While there’s no one way to achieve that, and there‚Äôs no one way to connect with your team, authenticity and consistency are amongst the most powerful ways to communicate values to your people.

Designing your office, its aesthetics and its facilities, its inclusivity and consideration to fit with your brand is a powerful way to create narratives, behaviours and meaningful buy-in from your employees so they become your strongest advocates.

Recognising the connection between the experience your team has and the one your customers have is the beginning of generating positive relationships with new customers and reconnecting with those who may have become disenfranchised.

At Maris, infusing the brand DNA into the design of the workplace is a pivotal part of our work. From showcasing the values of a business through sustainability and accessibility inclusions to the more literal use of brand colours, depending on the size, style and character of the organisation, brand is a pivotal part of creating a design concept. For example:

brand in workplace

Past meets present

Pan-African technology leader, Cassava Technologies, came to us to design a new London HQ that would bring their many subsidiaries under one roof. The move to a new office in London saw them transform their space with updated branding, which is woven into the physical design of the office, alongside aesthetics, using creative solutions that honour the heritage and the future of the brand.  These included basing our design ideas on their star-shaped logo and its yin yang structure, utilising the dynamic angles of the Cassava branding, telling the company story through feature graphics on the meeting room walls and including selected artworks either by painters from Africa or where Africa is the subject matter of the piece to showcase their company origins.  

brand in workplace design

Seamless style meets family values

Private equity firm Investindustrial is known for its unflinching eye for detail, which is at the heart of its success, and this needed to be reflected in the design of its new office in London.  Key features included a completely seamless space complete with resin floors to avoid joinery and entirely glass walls. This was interrupted only by biophilic details and select features that represent the brand’s story – a Ducati motorbike in reception, for example.  Meanwhile, the brand’s Italian family values are reflected in an impressive staff kitchen where lunch is provided, and teams can dine together. It even has four different coffee machines for individual preferences.

Conveying company values 

When American global investment firm, Select Equity, started a new phase of their London life with a sophisticated new office in Fitzrovia, they sought a design that straddled the lines between traditional and contemporary workspace, modern and classic style. The character of the business and its global brand guidelines were an integral part of the design, fused with distinctly UK-centric accents. Key features included warm walnut woodwork that draws on their American roots and touches of earthy red that align tonally with those finishes. There’s also a nod to the brand’s New York heritage with subway style white tiles. These small features are only part of a whole which ultimately reflects their professionalism and stature as a brand, but without being ostentatious, which was a fundamental facet of their values and character.

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