11 July, 2023
When in Milan…
The best of Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week returned this year in a triumphant first post-pandemic return, so naturally being the furniture-loving design fanatics that we are, we had to be there. So, our Architectural Designer, Ana Pastor, hopped over for 24-hours of inspiration. 

Going round in circles

Amidst the whirlwind of design icons Ana noted key trends that are setting the tone for the year ahead when it comes to interiors, hinging on the circular economy, reuse, sustainability of processes and materials with leading brands focused on the use of primary materials like wood, marble, and stone. As the world returns to an enthusiasm for travel, much of the design was also geared towards hotels, hinging on experience and luxury with an emphasis on space to relax as well as to sleep. 

Designer details

Louis Vuitton’s New Objets Nomades collection was a particular favourite for Ana, especially the collaboration with architect Marc Fornes, whose signature, coral-like designs resembled a living entity as they organically bubbled up from the courtyard of Palazzo Serbelloni. The emphasis was on inventive and functional furniture and design objects, with striking colours and materials as well as artistic shapes that turned everyday objects into sculptural forms.

Arguably the highlight of the week was the Miss Dior Chair from a collaboration between Dior and Philippe Starck. The striking polished aluminium feature is a reinterpretation of the Medallion chair, a symbol of the Louis XVI style that was dear to Mr. Dior. It’s history aside, it’s also just incredibly pleasing to look at – not to mention tempting to sit on.

Eclectic dream

As an interior designer, Ana was struck by the work and ethos of SICIS, whose spaces focused on the Middle East, and reinterpreted ‘eklektikos’, a Greek term translating a to “choose what we think it’s best among different things” – or eclecticism. Drawing inspiration from multiple sources and styles, it was all about ambience, and achieving a skilful fusion of ancient and modern, decorative and essential.  Similarly, Versace did what they do best and showed how you can be extravagant in good taste.

Let there be light

Tom Dixon’s ‘Choice’ was, as Ana puts it “simply great!”. The lighting designer was about more, more, more in an inspired range of unexpected combinations of floor lamps and chandeliers, table tops and textiles.  

Tom Dixon’s CEO Hans Hoegstedt said: “Our idea behind our new CHOICE campaign is to give the market a glimpse of light and inspire the world to play and be creative again.” 

We love it.

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