Teesside University
3 June, 2024
Turning Teesside University into a gaming powerhouse
Designing a state-of-the-art education and innovation space at Here East, part of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The challenge              

To create a London satellite campus for Teesside University in the form of a 25,000 sq ft teaching space and innovation centre, with a view to increasing student uptake and galvanising their position as a gaming specialist. 

The solution            

A state-of-the-art space complete with leading technologies within Here East, part of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, drawing inspiration from surrounding industry leaders and preparing students to be leaders of the future.

The result            

The result is a space that will both attract, inspire and nurture the industry leaders of tomorrow, reflecting the innovation expected of the sector and creating an enticing environment for forward-thinkers to learn in.

Once upon a time, the North of England was known for its coal and steel works – the hub of the Industrial Revolution. Now, as we move into a new era, it’s making its name in a new industry, as a leading innovator in the booming world of gaming, and Teesside University is educating the game makers.

Teesside University

Changing the game

The former polytechnic became a university in 1992 with its main campus in Middlesbrough. They are now in the process of an ambitious programme of investment to 2027, transforming the campus and providing vibrant and modern facilities to enhance the experience of students, staff and partners. 

Part of that investment has included the creation of a London campus. Following a similar path to other universities across the UK, the university has recognised the value in having a satellite location that’s geographically more accessible, particularly for overseas students who gravitate towards the capital but want to access the specialist knowledge of the university. They also want to provide students with the capability for learning from global organisations. 

As a result, Teesside University has taken a space in Stratford’s Here East, part of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which is now home to a number of state-of-the-art education, technology, research and development institutions.

They approached Maris to design and fit out this London campus – a 25,000 sqft. teaching space and innovation centre, with a view to increasing student uptake and galvanising their position as a gaming specialist. 

Teesside University

Nurturing the future of technology

Set to solidify the university’s reputation as a leading educator for the gaming industry, the satellite campus places students close to the business world, creating a sense of involvement and aspiration. This is something which we drew upon in the design concept, mindful of creating a learning environment that prepares students for the working world beyond.  

The space provides exceptional facilities, as well as easy access to the businesses and mentors that inspire students in this sector. The university is using the opportunity to partner with leading companies and increase their student capacity, providing an environment that supports vocational learning and collaboration, and creates the opportunity for presentations and partnerships with some of biggest names in gaming.

Teesside University

Elevating the learning experience

Aesthetically impressive, while functionally supporting an interactive way of teaching, the space is dynamic and representative of those in which industry leaders themselves work. The focus was on elevating the teaching and learning experience with an impressive innovation suite so that gaming partners could come in and present their work for industry specific learning, as well giving students the opportunity to showcase projects and ideas. Furthermore, it is a multifunctional area, so it can also be used as a working and collaborative space. Other areas that we designed included more general teaching areas and functional amenities.

Raising the bar

The result is an impressive, dedicated, and inspiring learning environment drawing inspiration from nearby industry leaders. It encompasses the Teesside University brand but with London twist aligning it to other educational facilities in the area, making it engaging, dynamic and professionally focused.

“The new space really sets Teesside University apart as a serious leader in nurturing the talent of tomorrow within the gaming sector, not only situating it next to the businesses that students aspire to work in but reflecting their professionalism and creating an environment fit to invite them into as well.”

Alex Hunt, Managing Director at Maris Interiors

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