31 July, 2023
True friendship lasts a lifetime
Cassava Technologies

More than a decade ago Maris worked with Liquid Technologies, a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies, a Pan-African technology leader with 10 different subsidiary brands. Now, we’re joining forces again as they move and upgrade their London office space.

Going up, scaling down

Staying within the same building, the team has opted to move from the ninth to the top floor of the property, downsizing a little but upgrading the experience for employees and visitors, and reflecting the increased culture for hybrid working. The move will also see them transform their space with updated branding, which is woven into the physical design of the space as well as the aesthetics, using creative solutions that honour the heritage and the future of the brand.

Design infused with brand character

Having absorbed their brand guidelines and listened to their goals for their new working environment, we presented our design ideas based on their star-shaped logo and its yin yang structure. While their current space has a strong corporate feel, the new environment has been completely turned around, entering straight into a co-working space and with a vibrant breakout area at the front akin to a business lounge. The result is that the team and guests alike will be immediately enveloped into the activity and buzz of the organisation.

A dynamic environment

Where the original style of Liquid Technologies was full of curves and flowing lines, the new design reflects the dynamic angles of the Cassava branding. Meanwhile, acoustic rafts in the form of abstract shapes that simultaneously will provide a sense of warm welcome whilst promoting a dynamic, tech environment. Light will flow through the space, and there will be an emphasis on collaboration and communication. There will be an angled bar area and team spaces that openly face the boardroom, making it an inclusive space that absorbs clients into the heart of the business, and being on the top floor, it enjoys breath taking view of London.

Design infused with brand character

The approach to design with Cassava Technologies was extremely collaborative, working directly with the Deputy Chairman on paper plans that we could all get stuck into until they were signed off there and then.

The organisation’s CMO was also instrumental in the process, ensuring the brand has been infused into the structure and style of the space, telling its story and reflecting its aspirations. For example, meeting room glass features graphics that add character and speak to the African heritage of the company. We also worked with an art curator who has selected artworks either by painters from Africa or where Africa is the subject matter of the piece.

Digital style; human space

All those details are offset by digital integration. For example, as a group of nine companies within a tech organisation, it would be too easy to plaster the walls with logos at the entrance. Instead, a digital version of the logo relating to the brand you’re visiting will appear on a screen as you arrive.

The net result will be a space that’s at once characterful, authentic and slick – showcasing a highly strategic tech brand, but also a space that’s made to welcome people.

We look forward to seeing the result.

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