24 June, 2024
Transforming a workspace for Superbet
Maris Interiors undertook a transformative interior design and fit-out project for Superbet, a rapidly expanding gaming company based in London's SW1 district.

The challenge              

Integrate Superbet’s bold branding and emphasise their gaming expertise while accommodating rapid expansion and promoting agile working practices.

The solution            

Integrate Superbet’s vibrant branding seamlessly throughout the office, incorporating advanced AV technology, and designing a flexible workspace that fosters collaboration and supports agile working.

The result            

A highly successful workspace transformation that surpassed Superbet’s expectations, effectively reflecting their brand identity, fostering employee engagement, and supporting operational efficiency.

The client’s objectives were ambitious: Superbet sought to double their London footprint to accommodate growth while creating a workspace that would serve as a showcase for their staff, brand, and products.

Superbet’s vision was clear from the outset: they wanted a space that not only reflected their vibrant brand identity but also emphasised their expertise in gaming through innovative AV solutions.

With a program spanning 12 weeks and a total area of 14,500 sq ft across one floor, we embarked on a single-phase design and build process to bring this vision to life.


Integration of branding

Central to the project’s success was the integration of Superbet’s bold branding into every aspect of the design. Vibrant colours and dynamic graphics were strategically incorporated throughout the office environment, creating an immersive brand experience for employees and visitors alike. This branding strategy extended to collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, and breakout areas, reinforcing Superbet’s energetic corporate identity at every turn.

Technological innovation

Technological innovation was another cornerstone of the project. We collaborated closely with Superbet to integrate advanced AV solutions seamlessly into the design. High-definition displays, interactive screens, and state-of-the-art gaming consoles were strategically placed to enhance both client presentations and internal communications, reflecting Superbet’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.


Functional and agile workspace

Beyond aesthetics and technology, the design also prioritised functionality and flexibility to support Superbet’s agile working practices. Open-plan workstations encouraged collaboration across departments, while flexible meeting rooms and breakout spaces provided opportunities for spontaneous interactions and brainstorming sessions. This approach not only fostered a dynamic work environment but also aligned with Superbet’s growth strategy by promoting cross-departmental collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The outcome was a resounding success for both Superbet and Maris Interiors. The newly designed workspace not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, effectively showcasing their brand, enhancing employee engagement, and supporting their operational needs. Employee feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with staff citing improved morale and productivity in the new environment.

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