28 April, 2023
Design Tips:

Top 10 lessons for creating the best office space 

There are some things you can only learn about when you're on the job. 

That perspective is particularly unique when you have the 360 degree viewpoint of a complete design and build business that provides the whole spectrum of services needed to create the optimum environment. (Which we’ve been doing 45 years.)

So, what are our top lessons for creating the best office space?

Teamwork and collaboration achieve the best results

For us it’s all about working together because ultimately creating a great office space is about people – your people – and what’s going to make them excited about coming to work and achieving their best. So, we always start by setting out to understand you and your business.

Success is best when it is shared

Your success is our success. We want to create spaces that help you and your team thrive. There’s really no better feeling than knowing that you’ve helped someone else achieve their ambitions.

Some of the best and brightest sparks come from the most unlikely of places

We’re big on nurturing talent – both in our own organisation and for our clients. Creating amazing workspaces isn’t just about somewhere that looks good. It’s about attracting and retaining top talent, and creating an environment that helps people thrive. 

Clients should be encouraged to spend more time with you when running a competitive selection process

Investing in a new space is a big deal. It’s a financial investment, a time commitment and it sets the agenda for where your organisation is going next. So it makes sense that you want to get to know the people who are creating that space for you. We highly encourage time getting to know one another to make sure we’re a good fit for your project.

The best project solutions come from the most detailed and thorough project briefs

We want to know every detail. We ask questions and explore every possible eventuality when it comes to making recommendations in our pitches. That means that no stone is left unturned, mistakes don’t happen (and therefore tight schedules can be met), and ideas that you might never have considered come to the surface. 

The office is the most powerful tool for productivity and profitability

Yes, we live in a digital world and that’s an amazing thing. Hybrid working and remote working have their place, but that only goes to galvanise the importance of the office as a powerful place to come together for collaboration and creativity to manifest.

Hard work and the right attitude gets you noticed

We are well known in our industry for meeting nearly impossible deadlines and that’s because we put our mind to it. We have invested in the talent and the processes to make sure we can achieve and exceed client expectations in terms of design and delivery times. That’s what gets us noticed.

Winning feels great but you learn more from setbacks and loses

No one ever got to be great at anything by always getting it right. Having been in the design and build industry for more than 40 years we have refined our processes because we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We continue to always make improvements to what we’re doing – it’s essential – you should see what we’ve got lined up when it comes to virtual reality.

People buy knowledge, skill and expertise but personality is key

There are lots of great companies out there that do variations on the work that we do, but people buy people. One thing you can’t manufacture is trust – that comes from having a team that has both experience to make you feel safe, and innovation to make you feel inspired. It’s also about personality, which is why we have great team members who will chat to you first and will let you know if we’re right for you.

A successful project takes hundreds of people pulling in the same direction

No person is an island. For a successful project it takes lots of people who all have a positive attitude, lots of talent and a vision for achieving great results. That’s what we nurture in our team at Maris, and we bet it’s the culture you want to foster in your workspace too. 

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