25 August, 2023
This is how you get an office fit out right
Employee spotlight on Completion Director, David West-Wilson

David West-Wilson has been with Maris for 24 years and what he doesn’t know about making a project run smoothly isn’t worth knowing, which is why his one-of-a-kind job role is… one-of-a-kind.

As our Completion Director, David works with clients at the very start of a project, and after the construction team leaves the site, making sure that everything has been completed perfectly and handed over seamlessly. His role is dedicated to the best possible experience and outcomes every time. Here’s how he works his magic…

Starting as we mean to go on

“My background is in construction, so I understand the practical details of what goes on. In my role as Completion Director, I work with the team right at the start of a project, checking out the site, assessing it for potential challenges and specific requirements so there are no surprises. Then I step away while the construction team takes over and return at three or four weeks from the end of the project to ensure a smooth handover. The whole purpose of my job is to make sure that our clients have a completely hassle-free experience and that they get what they want.”

Snag-free at completion

“The aim from Maris is for a project to be snag-free at practical completion. We don’t just address snags at the end – the whole team is looking out for them from day one so that nothing is missed. Then, when we’ve finished checking at the end, our Day Two team comes in, and they really are unique…”

Our Day Two team

“Our Day Two team is led by a Defects Manager, and they work with a client for up to six months after a job is completed. Their role is to address any issues that come up as the space begins to be used, whether it’s a dripping tap or a cracked tile. During that period, the client can call us about any problem to do with the space and they will get a rapid response.” 

Last-minute additions

“The Day Two team are also instrumental in implementing additions that a client might think about in the last few weeks of a project. If there are extra works beyond the agreed programme that they want, then these guys can cost it and arrange for the works to be done after the project completion.”

Your eyes and ears

“My role is about delivering great outcomes for clients, and one of the most important parts of that is bringing knowledge to the project that a client can’t be expected to have, and consequently make sure they are getting what they need on a technical level. You can’t get the right answers if you don’t know the right questions to ask – I bring the questions. For example, if there’s a glass wall in the plan and it’s not specified that it will be soundproof, I will check whether you need it to be acoustic glass – not many people will know that from reading a plan – it’s that final layer of communication that’s essential. I try to approach the role as if it was going to be my own office.”

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