15 September, 2023
There’s no place like home… except work
Employee spotlight on Senior Designer, Kasia talking about reinventing the workplace vibe.

Senior Designer, Kasia, talks about reinventing the workplace vibe.

It’s no secret that the working environment has changed, but few have worked out exactly what the secret to that change is. While some believe in a binary work from home or work from the office approach, what we have found is that it’s much more nuanced than that – dependent on the company, its goals and its people.

One of the fundamental factors, however, is that more people have the option to work from home some of the time. The benefits of that are almost never about simply being at home, but about environmental features.

For businesses that believe in the benefit of time spent together in the workplace, bringing some of those features into the workplace can help make sure that both you and your team members have the best of all worlds all the time. Ultimately that mindset improves contentment, productivity and connectivity.

Few know that better than our Senior Designer, Kasia – here’s what she has to say.

“The work that we do at Maris is very intense because we work quickly, and we’re really invested in every project. I love it because every job is different – the client, the space, the requirements – all of it. I like getting to know the client and really appreciating what they want.

Modern offices tend to have fewer desks and more open, agile spaces. I think after Covid more people are used to sitting on sofas than at a desk – they use spaces like kitchen islands at home, and to encourage people to feel comfortable back in the office, some of those concepts can be replicated and enhanced. The result is much more interesting spaces to be in.

“That mindset allows us to bring lots of creative ideas to the table. We’re not just adding a sofa and a couple of armchairs to a lounge area, we’re creating areas that are distinctive and help to define the energy, atmosphere and intentions of the working environment.

For example, one project we recently worked on had a real Soho House feel with lots of soft seating and beautiful furniture to enhance the building. The goal is to create an environment people want to be in, and some of that inspiration comes from the best aspects of the home.”


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