24 July, 2023
The future of the office
An opinion piece from Maris Chief Design Officer, Colin Owen

The role of the office has changed and continues to evolve. That’s a really exciting opportunity for businesses to make these spaces work harder, but many are still in limbo when it comes to deciding what that means for their organisation and how to turn theory into bricks and mortar. That’s where we can help.

Colin Owen, Maris Chief Design Officer says: “The business leaders we are talking to are realising that there’s just no substitute for the office. It’s the single most important tool for driving collaboration, innovation and problem-solving within your team. It offers things you can’t get any other way, at least, not with current technology.”

How office space benefits businesses

Design can be a powerful tool for enhancing individual wellbeing at work, personal productivity and ultimately business outcomes.

While the pandemic might have been an unwelcome escalator for changing the way we think about the working environment, technological innovation and a greater understanding of mental and physical health all encourage us to reconsider our space and find ways to do things better. The net result for those who make changes is greater staff retention, and often greater profitability as well.

New working environments

New working environments focus much less on the individual desk and finding focus space, as employees can now do that at home with the correct set up. Instead, offices revolve around experiences that satisfy our social desires and reinforce brand, culture, innovation and problem solving.

Colin says: “A sea of desks is no longer necessary or appropriate, which frees up space for meeting rooms, extra amenities, and areas to promote culture and brand. That helps to support wellbeing, get people together and create an environment that offers something that’s tangibly different and more beneficial to working from home, both for individuals and the business.”

Moving forward, we believe the office will exist to satisfy our social and collaboration needs, functioning as an idea and revenue generator, while our home office will provide us with the opportunity to focus and learn.

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