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Stickers are often given a bad wrap – something for kids, too simple to make a big difference, but high quality vinyl wall stickers are the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to add life and functionality to a work or educational environment.

When we work with clients one of the big challenges that they face is how to bring personality and warmth into a space, as well as how to differentiate between the atmosphere required in different parts of their working environment. You might want to create a sense of fun in a communal break area, or motivation in a space designed for collaboration and ideas generation. Perhaps there is a higher degree of functionality required – creating signage and directions without compromising on style or adding clutter. 

There’s a wide variety of uses for vinyl wall stickers, and considering them as part of a complete office fit-out or refurbishment means that they can be designed in keeping with your brand and your vision for your space as you head into your next phase of development. 

Here are three of the top reasons we love vinyl wall stickers:

Easy installation and removal 

The big word to focus on here is flexibility.  We all know that over time wants and needs change. When it comes to the big things in your work or education space (lighting, construction, technology), it’s essential to think long term, but with some details looking ahead means designing with changeability in mind. 

Vinyl wall stickers pay homage to the evolving nature of office design in that they can be easily added or removed as required. Whether your corporate branding has been updated or you need to change the direction of traffic in your common spaces, vinyl wall stickers are a quick and easy option for businesses to make non-permanent alterations to a space whilst also keeping things looking smart. 

A stylish solution for the not-so-sexy office essentials

You’ve gone to all the effort of creating a super stylish office space where every detail is considered, only to realise you need to put in a variety of decidedly less stylish office essentials. These are the things that you wish you could cover up, but practically you either can’t avoid them or you need them to be highly visible. 

For example, the lift doors might be the same colour throughout the building, but they don’t match the branding on your floor/s. Alternatively, the risers that you are trying to hide behind furniture may need to be accessed constantly and moving everything all the time is a hassle.

This stuff (vinyl) sticks to literally anything and its versatility makes hiding the unattractive but necessary aspects of your space easy, even when they’re moving parts. You can slice and dice the stickers to perfectly match up with any gaps, joins or bends in any surface, making the finished design seamless.

Fully customisable to suit your brand 

Your brand is a powerful commodity and representing it in all the details of your space is important. The beauty of vinyl stickers is they are completely customisable – suiting your colours, your character and your practical requirements. 

For example, you could choose to apply something as simple as photography or as complex as the London Tube Map – as long as you have the right design in the first place.

At Maris we have a team of graphic designers within our ranks who will work with you to create designs that are unique and suited to you and your space. If this is something you are interested in, get in touch and we can talk about creating something that will instantly uplift and improve your environment.

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