15 June, 2023
Standing out from
the Croud

Creating a best-in-class environment for a growing global digital agency

Croud is a global, full-service digital agency that drives growth for brands through reinvention. As a rapidly scaling company that flourished during the pandemic and hasn’t looked back since, they needed a space to match their pace of development and selected The Bard in Shoreditch.

Centre stage

In the dynamic surroundings of this East End district, The Bard is a spectacular, modern building. Architecturally inspiring, it’s at the heart of The Stage – a wider, landmark 2.3-acre mixed-use development, designed around a world-class heritage centre on the site of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre.

Designed for forward-thinking businesses in London’s creative and technology centre, it’s the ideal setting for this growing company, which has taken 24,000 square feet over two floors.

Against that backdrop, when it came to fitting out the space to suit the brand’s particular needs, they came to Maris.

Large, open, bright welcoming entrance space
Communal working space
Colourful Focus Rooms

One of Croud’s many defining features is that they are incredibly staff focussed.

Multifaceted mentality

As being so staff focussed is an integral part of their company culture, they demonstrate it through a wide variety of initiatives to support individual wellbeing and create a positive working environment.

Highly Sociable

They wanted the office to reflect that highly sociable, inclusive mentality, so the central feature of the space is a visually impressive circular breakout area.

It operates as a Teapoint throughout the day, so is where breakfast and other meals can be enjoyed, and in the evening, they host DJs, play music and make it a generally convivial, communal environment. 

Linking Floors

Linked by a staircase to the reception area so that visitors are invited into it en route to meetings, this flexible space has been intentionally located. It sits directly next to a large external terrace, and expansive windows, both of which offer impressive views over the London skyline.

Scaling up

The interior style of the Croud office also reflects their nurturing approach to the team, with a homely feel defined by a soft palette and textured furnishings.

Having completed the design and build, we will now be moving on to develop the terrace so it can be used as an extension of the breakout facility.

In every way the move to this office marks the next step of the company’s growth from start-up to scale-up and beyond, pointing towards its future with promise and intent.

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