22 May, 2023
Maris introduces
Smart pension scheme
for employees
Becoming our client’s client

We like to be smart in all our decision-making, but especially when it comes to looking after our team, who are the beating heart of our business. That’s why we are updating our employee pension scheme to the more user-friendly Smart Pension platform and updating our scheme to a salary exchange scheme, giving team members a higher employer pension contribution. 

It’s amazing who you meet on the job, and indeed many of the best relationships are those that you develop working alongside one another. We met Smart Pension when we did the design and build of their sleek, 45,000 sq ft office space in London. An essential part of the process is getting to know a company inside out – who they are, what they do and what their values are. We liked Smart Pension so much, we wanted to become their client as well. 

Facilitating smart choices for employee benefits 

Employers using the salary exchange scheme do not have to pay employer National Insurance on the amounts that team members exchange. However, rather than bank that money, Maris will be returning 100% of the savings to individuals by way of increasing the employer pension contribution. This will help every team member save more towards retirement. 

In addition, team members benefit from:

  • Access to an app where they can easily see and manage their pensions
  • Smart Pension operates much lower charges compared to other traditional providers
  • There are significantly improved investment offerings

Crucially, the salary exchange is optional and team members can choose to opt out whilst still keeping the more traditional rate of employer pension contribution. 

See what we did for them in their sleek, 45,000 sq ft office space

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