15 April, 2024
Setting World Wide Technology apart from the corporate landscape
Creating a state-of-the-art office for WWT that reflects their brand whilst appealing to a UK market and working culture.

The challenge              

To transform a large but outdated workspace into a state-of-the-art EMEA flagship office for the global technology service provider WWT.

The solution            

We created a welcoming and visually impressive client suite alongside a light, fresh and spacious working area for the team, to bring people together.

The result            

A visually impressive space that speaks to the brand and it’s US roots, whilst also carving out a clear aesthetic identity for them in the UK.

World Wide Technology (WWT) is a privately held global technology service provider with over 30 years of experience helping the world’s largest and most innovative organisations think differently about technology and its use within their businesses.

An American firm with impressive and visually distinct offices in the USA, we worked with them on their new UK office – a vast space that intended to showcase their brand whilst appealing to a UK market and working culture.


Understanding WWT

We began our work with them by meeting in the USA as part of a competitive pitch process, visiting them at their offices in St Louis, where they are one of the largest employers in the area. A modern space characterised by lots of glass, we took the time to understand what they wanted the space to achieve, the budget available, and to establish a transatlantic way of working that would suit them throughout the project.

The makings of a showpiece

The space WWT had selected in London was large and outdated, so they intended to completely renovate and rework it to become a significant European base for them going forward. The office was set to be an important part of their sales tool, used to present to corporate clients and showcase themselves as a preferred technology provider. The emphasis was on high spec finishes and a strong audiovisual inclusion. 

Attracting regional talent to WWT

Another key consideration was that firms in the USA still have quite a cubicle-based approach to team workspaces. Part of the brief was to advise and support WWT in creating a working environment that remained on brand but that catered to the working expectations, wants and needs of a UK/European workforce to ensure they would attract top talent in the local area.


Two sides of the same coin

We approached the brief in two parts – the front of house sales experience and the team focused areas.

A welcoming client suite

The front of house areas were designed to both impress clients and make them feel at home. Instead of simply popping in for meetings, WWT clients are encouraged to spend extended periods of time with the team in the office, with the company hosting them for full days at a time.

As a result, we created a suite of spaces including a business lounge with tables for people to work, catch up on emails and sit in different seating styles from tables to sofas or grab a tea or coffee. Within this area, a large and impressive run of LED lights sits within a mesh ceiling designed in reference to the tech industry and creating a look and feel that’s very different to the typical corporate City firm.

Then there are meeting rooms for presentations, with large screens and glass walls, allowing the light to flow through and creating a sense of privacy but also one of inclusion with the rest of the office. The result is that clients feel looked after but also embraced by the organisation.

Bringing people together at WWT

The other aspect of the office is where the team work. As mentioned, the glass walls create a sense of connectivity and togetherness despite the size of the office, while at the same time a huge run of joinery splits the client space from the team in an area which almost acts as a portal from one place to the next. This is complete with shelving, AV elements and a more relaxed aesthetic.

Scale is a feature throughout, with generous spacing for desks, but again the whole area is designed as a hub where people can come to work and spend time together, in particular seeing it as a destination meeting place – a hub for bringing people together.


Using space and sensory experiences

We continued to capitalise on the sense of scale and space by removing the ceilings to expose the services, spraying them white to simultaneously create a more industrial aesthetic and make the space seem even bigger and brighter. We employed an unusual grid pattern for the lights to differentiate from the classic corporate linear lighting, which is at once visually impactful but also provides great quality light in the working environment.

Embedding brand into the business

Brand was incorporated into the office in multiple ways. In the initial instance, reference points were taken from the St Louis HQ in the form of materials and a stylistic language to create ongoing brand recognition.

We also added the logo subtly into the board rooms, embedded into the timber slats in the ceiling, and placing almost everything in the angle of a W and a T in the ceiling, joinery, and wraparound seating areas dividing the client lounge from the office area. 

From the reception the company’s name is visible, shown on the first floor around a curved atrium, demonstrating their prominence and position in London. It’s also designed into a living wall, bringing calming biophilia into the space.

Professional and exceptional

The result is a space that reflects the WWT brand both for staff and clients, honouring the significant reputation of the global organisation but at the same time creating a unique and recognisable home for the business in the UK. 

“Having worked on numerous projects with overseas clients, we were able to establish a strong, remote working relationship with the team at WWT, ensuring they felt confident in the process and the outcome despite not being on site most of the time. A collaborative working relationship meant that they were able to get the best of all worlds from the office, establishing an understanding of what a state-of-the-art workspace is in a UK context, whilst remaining true to their brand and their roots. The result is an office that’s impressive and professional but stands out against the corporate landscape.”

Paul Sherwin, Managing Director at Maris Interiors

“From the outset, Maris impressed us with their commitment to understanding our vision and translating it into a functional and inspiring workspace. Their team of designers and constructors worked tirelessly, demonstrating not only exceptional skill and creativity but also an unwavering dedication to meeting our needs.
The result is nothing short of remarkable. Our new office is a testament to Maris’s ability to deliver a complex project on time and within budget, without compromising on quality or aesthetics. A truly beautiful space that is also highly functional, fostering collaboration and innovation among our employees.”

Steve Krekeler, Director of Corporate Properties PMO at World Wide Technology

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