24 May, 2023
Maris wins gold at prestigious RoSPA Health & Safety Awards

Last week saw the RoSPA celebrate its Health & Safety Awards, one of the most prestigious and recognised health and safety awards schemes in the world with almost 2,000 entries every year from nearly 50 countries and a reach of over seven million employees. While any recognition is always nice, that pedigree made it a particular achievement for our team, who won the coveted Gold Award for our performance on-site and in the office for 2022/2023. 

What’s a RoSPA Award?

The RoSPA is a UK charity that aims to prevent accidents and life-changing injuries by providing guidance and advice on occupational health and safety issues in the workplace, at home, on the road or during leisure activities. It identifies risks that workers face and promotes safety campaigns and prevention initiatives to educate the public on adopting adequate safety standards. They are the benchmark for best practice safety performance.

Crucially, the awards are non-competitive, based purely on an organisation’s individual health and safety performance, policies and procedures. Therefore, to earn one, you have to show and provide evidence of how you implement your health and safety management systems.

What makes Maris gold standard?

As a team that always aims to be the best, the award comes a year after we won a Silver RoSPA Health & Safety Award for 2021/2022. Following that, we set our sites on gold standard practices. We appointed a Group SHE & Compliance Director in 2022, who has implemented a strategy of initiatives and goals for our dedicated SHE & Compliance department. 

These initiatives have shown demonstrative improvement in our already award-winning health and safety performance. In addition, we have a managed system with proof of continuous and proactive betterment, rather than taking a reactive approach. That means we’re always looking to do even better and staying at the forefront of new health and safety capabilities. These efforts have been galvanised by the forensic assessment and Gold Award from RoSPA.

The award was collected by our Group Safety, Health And Environmental Director, Royston Somerfield, who said:

“I am immensely proud of our team and the efforts they have put in over the last 12 months to take our existing high standards to new heights. Crucially, our team has never been one to sit still and accept the status quo – we always like to go over and beyond, and will continue to do so. It’s fantastic to see that mentality recognised, especially by an organisation as respected as the RoSPA.”

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