MSQ Partners
25 April, 2024
Reimagining the workplace sympathetically and sustainably for a youthful team at MSQ Partners
Updating a two-floor office for a vibrant and dynamic global tech company in the heart of London to reflect who they are and give them space to grow.

The challenge              

To turn an outdated two-floor space into a youthful and dynamic office showcasing creative professionalism while breaking away from traditional corporate norms. 

The solution            

Working with the architecture of the space and reusing materials for sustainability and cost-efficacy, we reimagined the working environment with creative solutions.

The result            

We created a workspace that gives it, and the team at MSQ Partners, room to grow and evolve naturally.

A global tech company blending human insight with data technology and creativity to help brands build customer relationships and drive growth, MSQ Partners is a vibrant team who wanted a working environment that reflected their youth as well as their skill and ambition. 

Location inspiration

When we began working with them, MSQ had taken two floors at a property in Covent Garden that sits opposite the Royal Opera House (ROH). A location with culture, creativity, and impressive architecture all around, this, as well as operating in complementary juxtaposition with that heritage became influences on the design.

Looming large were the three bespoke structural glass Oriel Windows of the ROH, creating and indoor-outdoor look and feel that also contributed to the design narrative at MSQ.

The goal was to feel youthful and vibrant, moving away from the traditions of corporate offices and into a more homely aesthetic but whilst still inspiring and showcasing creative professionalism.

MSQ Partners

Reimagining the way MSQ Partners work

The teams at MSQ wanted to work in an agile space divided into neighbourhoods. Instead of implementing rows of desks we installed workstations in unique ways to make the space more engaging for employees.

Boardrooms also had a fresh look and feel. Smaller ones featured muted brand colours, while the larger amongst them utilised clean monochrome given warmth by the wooden floors and playfulness thanks to the use of circular acoustic panels suspended from high ceilings.

MSQ Partners

Multifunctional and multifaceted

Instead of a standard tea point we created an impressive coffee bar to rival the most stylish in London. It’s one of the first things you see as you walk into the office, and also acts as the reception desk, creating a warm welcome, and an immediate sense of inclusion.

Also seeking to reduce the sense of corporate tradition that often surrounds the reception concept, we added soft elements including a dried natural wall and 3D-effect cladding around the side of the coffee bar, reminiscent of the ROH windows.

Behind the coffee bar is a relaxed seating area that wraps around the wall thanks to custom joinery in a low-level bleacher style seating. This is a multifunctional space that can be used for team meetings as well as being a staff breakout area.

MSQ Partners

Reuse, repurpose and reflect

Mindful of costs we sought to reuse materials, finishes and furnishings wherever possible, which also lent itself to sustainability. We relocated materials where possible, repainting and cleaning metalwork in brand colours to add brightness. Where new materials were brought in, we used durable finishes including Corian, which will stand the test of time. Exposed ceilings created a light, airiness throughout the office, also giving it a slightly edgy warehouse vibe that reflects the youthfulness of the brand.

Texture and colour, inlaid carpets with bespoke patterns and colours added character. Graphics became a big part of the design narrative, in keeping with MSQ’s character as a creative agency. Bringing the team to the fore is a large artwork of team trips and experiences.

Space to grow

The result is a forward-thinking work environment that immediately infuses you with energy and a sense of optimism as you walk in. Respecting the heritage of the building and working in harmony with its architecture, the details have brought it into the 21st-century whilst giving it, and the team, room to grow and evolve naturally.

“The MSQ office was a joyful project to work on, updating an impressive space and giving it a new lease of life whilst creating an environment for a young and dynamic company to grow and evolve. The result is a space that’s been economical and sympathetic both to the building and the sustainable use of materials, but that has still delivered an impressive, warm and positive environment to work in.”

Renata Janauskaite, Design Director at Maris Interiors

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