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1 April, 2024
Pushing call centre boundaries at Lowell UK Shared Services
At a purpose-built office in Leeds, we worked with the market leader in debt management to create a workplace that supports team wellbeing.

The challenge              

To turn a purpose-built, 120,000 sq ft space into an uplifting and engaging workplace for the whole team.

The solution            

In a true labour of love, we focused on team wellbeing, introducing unexpected colours, finishes and spaces.

The result            

A unique working environment that will transform the office experience for all team members and enable them to take greater control of the way they work.

From a building to a workplace destination

Having worked with the team at Lowell on a project spanning nearly 2.5 years, the result is a purpose-built, 120,000 sq ft space which will transform the working experience for every member of the team.

After the company constructed the standalone building with a local developer, they came to us to help turn the six-floor property into a supportive workplace. A large proportion of the team work in the call centre, in job roles that are frequently intense. Mindful of that, Lowell wanted to make sure there were spaces where individuals could go to relax, unwind and connect with one another away from their desk. 

This would be a sea change for the team, who were moving from a business park with a traditional approach to office environments. We set out to turn the concept of working in a call centre environment on its head.


The start of something special 

We wanted to really push the boundaries of expectation in terms of colour, finishes and use of the space, creating an environment that was joyful, surprising and stimulating. Within that we sought to incorporate elements associated with home working, such as soft seating areas and a sense of comfort, offsetting the vastness of the building with boutique elements and different zones to support staff wellbeing.

This began in the lobby, which has a hotel feel and instantly welcomes you into a nine-metre coffee bar (replicated on every floor) and a cafe. Leading to the second floor, there is a large staircase that doubles as bleacher-style seating for big company meetings. While the stairs are a feature at the forefront, encouraging team members to walk where possible, lifts are also easily accessible.


Expanding the workplace experience

The colour palette across the building is warm and interesting as we wanted to create talking points in the space without undermining the seriousness of the work. As a result, there are 32 different types of wall finish as well as unique carpets and decorative details. There are also plenty of living walls to soften and enhance the space.

While the desk areas are necessarily functional, we have incorporated interest and ergonomic features, and surrounded them with areas to visit for a moment of quiet. There are wellness rooms, prayer rooms, breakout zones, coffee shops and meeting areas on each floor, with each one enjoying its own unique details.

The height of wellbeing

The top floor is dedicated entirely to team wellbeing. It has floor-to-ceiling windows to maximise the natural light, a large circular coffee bar with an impressive cherry blossom installation overhead, and a range of seating from hammocks to modular sofas.

This is a space where team members can spend a moment on their own or to come together with colleagues and relax.

As with all other aspects of the project, enormous attention to detail was considered, from the bespoke joinery on the bar designed to mimic the wallpaper, to the mesh metal ceiling heralding a slightly more sultry atmosphere.

Design Director, Adam Haury, said: “This project has been a real labour of love for all involved. The team were fantastic to work with and they really embraced the opportunity to explore and play with different materials and colours. It’s different to anything else in the area and will only be enhanced as it becomes ‘lived’ in.”

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