17 August, 2023
Progressive thinking

Work has begun on this brand new office space in Milton Keynes

Having had the first draft of our space plan accepted with minimal adjustments, the team at electronics company Keyence, has seen us get started on their new office space at the progressive business estate, Stockley Park, this summer.

With high ceilings at 2.8 metres, beautiful views across the surrounding grounds, including a tranquil lake, and a large single floorplate enabling the whole company to come together, the space will set the scene for the next phase of the company’s journey.

One of the beautiful things about developing the scope for this space was the involvement of the whole team at Keyence. They had input into everything from the colour scheme to the soft furnishings. A highly collaborative relationship has developed, resulting in considerate solutions for the new working environment.

We have now begun works, which include dedicated areas for different teams, shared facilities including a reception area and breakout spaces, as well as four large rooms for product training.

We look forward to showing you the end result!

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