8 June, 2023
Taking Pride in
Celebrating individuals within and beyond our team

June is globally celebrated as Pride Month, honouring and raising awareness for the LGBTQ+ community. At Maris, we need no encouragement when it comes to celebrating individuals within and beyond our team – after all, it’s what each person brings to the company that makes our work dynamic and our offices such a joyful place to work. However, we also represent a unique space within the construction sector – one in which we hope we offer a safe space for people to freely be themselves.

I can openly be who I am

“I’ve been in the industry for about 30 years and construction is a very masculine dominated environment. What I like about working at Maris is that not giving a damn about being gay is a big deal for me. People not making a big deal, is a big deal. For me, we’re equal, and this is an environment within construction where I can openly be who I am – whatever that is – and I’m not considered different in any sense other than being an individual – that’s great.

It’s not always the same on construction sites. I suspect there are more people than we realise who don’t feel able to say who they really are in some of those environments.

What I would love for Pride Month is for people who work with us, or in our team, to know that they can always talk to me or other members of the team if they want to and know that whatever they say won’t go any further.”

Jose, Design Director

Here, you’re encouraged to be yourself

“I think the nice thing at Maris is that you’re really encouraged to be yourself. Some people within the team are quite loud but we know that not everyone has a thick skin.

It’s important people know this is a safe space, and an inclusive one. I’ve been here for just over a year and I’ve always felt that. There’s a culture of acceptance and being able to laugh and thrive personally and professionally while being yourself.”

Lewis, Experience Artist

Focusing on the individual

“Here we’re not so focused on orientation, but on productivity. I’ve suffered homophobia once before in a different organisation and that’s really not nice.

Now I always lead with ‘Hi guys I’m gay’, because it’s not a big deal when it’s out in the open.”

Giancarlo, Architectural Technician

A culture of celebration and inclusion

Jose says:

“We have a group which started two years ago on a company trip to Ibiza. Now we’re a group of eight friends and every month we go out together.

The thing I like about construction is that you can’t be timid and being characterful is not only accepted, but also celebrated at Maris – across the board.

It’s not a company that’s about putting people in boxes.

Part of the Pride message is greater inclusion and acceptance and I think that really sums up what it’s like at Maris – a culture of celebration and inclusion.

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