1 September, 2023
People buy people
Employee spotlight on Company Partner, Jamie Faulkner

How do you know if Maris’ design and build approach is right for you?

Design and build is the perfect solution for developing, updating, creating and optimising work and education spaces, but every project is unique. How do you know if it’s the right approach for you and your organisation? Company Partner and the ultimate people person (and we know people people), Jamie, is on hand to help you make that choice.

He says: “I’m the first person a client meets. I talk people through what we do, what’s important to them and what their plans are. We’re quite upfront about what we can and can’t do, we have capacity for a certain number of projects each year and we like to do them to exceptionally high standards. So, for me it’s about matching what we’re good at with what the client needs.”

Experienced advice from day one

One of the great things about Jamie is he really knows what he’s talking about. He joined Maris as part of the Telesales team and has worked his way up to Partner level, so he’s an experienced listener as well as having an acute understanding of the nuances of our capabilities. He’s also deeply aware of the investment that organisations make when they embark on a design project and what those spaces need to deliver in terms of return.

“Office fit outs are an investment, especially when you do them well. For businesses it’s about places that are going to help them stand out, the attraction and retention of clients and/or talent, and with more remote working the office must deliver on key company objectives from the start. The team at Maris is cognisant of that, where perhaps some other design and build businesses are not. It’s not about one-size-fits-all but delivering to the needs of that specific organisation and their people.”

It’s all about relationships

Crucially, what Jamie and the team at Maris understand is that alongside excellent capabilities and a sterling track record, there’s got to be a connection between the client and our team. There’s a huge level of trust that goes into embarking on a project like those our clients are aiming to achieve. Speaking to someone who you feel is giving you an honest assessment of the situation, and with whom you get along, is essential. After all, we don’t just want you to have a great outcome, we want you to feel safe, reassured, confident and like you’re having a great time throughout the entire project journey.

Jamie says: “I really like meeting people and finding out what’s important to them. I think it all starts with making connections, and I like to build those connections to help clients find the right solution for them, even if it’s not us.”

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