2 August, 2023
Of the people, by the people, for the people
ID Business Solutions (IDBS)

Creating a working environment for a company that puts its people first.

ID Business Solutions (IDBS) is a data management and data analytics software company that moved its offices to the sixth and seventh floors of their building in Surrey, and in the process sought to create an environment that was inspiring, enhancing and accessible to their existing and future team members.

Building a relationship

A global leader in integrated, enterprise-wide R&D informatics, our conversations began by understanding their brief and helping them to refine it to take to tender. We see a crucial part of our role as experts in designing and building office space, as helping businesses to understand what’s possible in their working environment.

When the brief was refined and it went to tender, we pitched for the work. The pitch took place within the actual space that was set to be developed, which enabled designer Caitriona Hughes to take them on a journey with her presentation, explaining our vision in situ. We presented three designs including a ‘wildcard’, all of which maximised the space and sought to draw in the surrounding views of the Surrey countryside, playing with the concept of bringing the outside in.


The central focus for the project manager from IDBS was that she really cared about the staff and was dedicated to creating a space that attracted people to the business, making them feel safe and understood at work. The emphasis was on providing a new office that was more inspiring than the space they were in at the time, bringing people back to the office post-Covid, attracting new talent in a competitive tech industry and providing spaces that supported different worker types.

Having won the pitch, the decision was made to combine different elements of our three different designs, using a brand-oriented version as the core with select pieces from our ‘wildcard’ to enhance it.

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