14 December, 2023
EVENT: Maris x AUDE – A partnership in higher education spaces
We recently teamed up with the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) to redefine excellence in the education sector. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone recognising Maris Interiors work in higher education, setting a new benchmark for what an education space can become.

We recently held a morning event to celebrate our new partnership at our recently completed Buckinghamshire New University £20m redevelopment. Check out the event roundup below.

Event Roundup

Speed and efficiency

One of the standout achievements recognised on the day was the remarkable speed with which the BNU project was delivered – in just 61 weeks!. In the world of design and build for education spaces, this is an incredible feat. Even with evolving project requirements, such as the late addition of a mezzanine, we stayed on time and on budget.

Open and inclusive spaces: fostering a sense of belonging

The project’s impact extended beyond its impressive delivery timeline. We created open, inclusive spaces within the university campus, sending a positive message to staff, students, and visitors alike, such as creating a ground floor central Student Hub. The philosophy of creating a “Heart of the campus” now promotes a welcoming atmosphere and fosters a sense of community within the institution.

The power of collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration emerge as key factors contributing to the project’s success. It’s clear that when everyone works together as a team, remarkable achievements are possible. This is a prime example of what can be accomplished when the right people join forces towards a common goal.

Alumni and community support

The project has garnered overwhelming support from the university community, both current students and alumni. The transformation has been met with enthusiastic comments and nostalgia from those who remembered the courtyard (Now an impressive atrium space) as a rose garden. This positive feedback underscores the project’s meaningful impact on the university community – we’re really proud of the end result.

A promising future: looking ahead

We are looking forwards to a successful collaboration and relationship with AUDE as the Maris team work with even more universities to deliver exceptional education spaces for staff and students across the UK.

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