7 September, 2023
Knowing your business
Employee Spotlight on Maris' Head pf People and Culture, Claire!

Maris Head of People and Culture, Claire, talks about maximising your team’s potential.

We don’t just design workspaces – we are a thriving team and business in our own right, which means we understand the challenges and opportunities that businesses and their employees face when it comes to their working environment, on a personal level.

We designed our own office to maximise the potential and experience of our team, so we empathise with the investment, journey and their importance to you and your organisation. Here, our own Head of People and Culture, Claire, talks about knowing your business to maximise your team’s potential.

Being true to your business

“Throughout the Pandemic, remote work was the norm, and as we reopened, we adopted various strategies to bring our team members back to the office. At Maris, our preference was for everyone to return to the office full-time, aligning with the nature of our work and operational style. We’ve encountered fellow business owners who share this preference but may hesitate to make the transition without conducive conditions.

Naturally, some team members showed a stronger inclination towards full-time return to the office than others. However, by creating the right environment, most now embrace this approach. We serve as a tangible example of the positive impact the right workplace can have on company culture.”

“We talk a lot about the value of the workplace for collaboration, from breakout areas to group workplaces. At Maris everyone’s role is critical to each project. What we found was that remote working just didn’t optimise our ability to achieve the best results, because if one member of the team wasn’t in the office, they couldn’t keep up with the pace of work. The beauty of what we do hinges on all the different skills in the design process working seamlessly together at pace, so if one person isn’t in the mix, it’s really not as effective.”

Understanding your people

“In some organisations, remote and hybrid working is highly effective as part of the working model. We have worked with lots of organisations to incorporate a variety of ways of working to best suit their needs. The fundamental thing is not to think that every office should work in the same way – it’s individual. That’s where great design is essential – tapping into a deep understanding of a company and its people and designing a space to maximise team potential. For example, some companies only really use their office space for meetings, while others want to create an environment where people feel they get the sense of concentration and facilities they can’t find at home.

I think what’s essential is recognising who you are as an organisation and being proud of that. It’s important to give people what they need to do their job well and enjoy their workplace experience. For that reason, I think design is in many ways the foundation of a fantastic workplace culture and a happy, productive team.”


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