18 May, 2023
Transforming one
of London’s
most iconic buildings
for a leading
Italian brand

Any project is an exciting one for the team at Maris, but it is a particular pleasure to work with clients on multiple occasions as they continue to take their business to new and exciting heights. On this occasion, we had the privilege of collaborating with Investindustrial for the third time as they stepped into a new and redefining space at One Hooper’s Court in Knightsbridge.

The global private equity firm was founded in 1990 by Andrea Campanini Bonomi. His forensic eye for detail and unflinching focus on excellence has no doubt been the driver for the award-winning brand’s ongoing success. Galvanising that success is their move to a building in one of London’s most iconic locations. 

“This was such a special project to work on, collaborating with a client with incredible vision and a fantastic brand story.

It was made even more special by the strong working relationship that we have with Investindustrial, enabling us to really engage with the way they work and support them in achieving their goals for their working environment.”

Sofie Haye – Design Director

Updating an icon

One Hooper’s Court has a history that embeds it into the city landscape. The former fire station features spectacular red brickwork on the outside, and thanks to the work of Fletcher Priest Architects, it has been transformed into a building fit for modern business. 

Set over two floors, it features vast windows and an abundance of natural light, as well as nods to its past. For example, parts include a floral honeysuckle design that pays homage to John Hooper, a local Knightsbridge 18th-century market gardener, who originally worked on the land where One Hooper’s Court now stands.  

When it came to creating the office space interior, the challenge was to honour the heritage of the building whilst fusing it with an environment that served the name, function and forward motion of Investindustrial itself.   

Seamless style 

You enter the office through a floral walkway directly from Knightsbridge Underground station, a feature that continues into the lobby. Investindustrial occupies the first two levels of the building, and you are greeted by a seamless space featuring white walls and uninterrupted surfaces. The minimalist effect is interrupted almost exclusively by biophilic details or features that represent the brand’s story to date – a Ducati motorbike in reception, for example, or a showcase of awards.

The rules and regulations that go with creating a functional workspace are hidden within an aesthetic so seemingly simple that it’s actually highly complex to produce. Our team put deep thought, consideration and skill into the removal of all visible lines with details including poured resin flooring and walls made purely of glass so you have an unobstructed view through the space.

The power of plants

There’s an ingrained wellness element to this working environment. There’s a state-of-the-art gym with the latest equipment including reformer Pilates, as well as showers, vanities, hair dryers and a personal trainer to offer advice. This wellbeing focus is inextricably linked with the brand’s deep rooted emphasis on sustainability, from the provenance of materials to the inclusion of plant life.

Perhaps one of the most innovative features is the PNAT Air Factory. This unique new system was developed by a multidisciplinary society of researchers, biologists, designers, engineers and architects in Milan, and is designed to purify the air of indoor spaces through plants. In each installation, the effectiveness of the technology is monitored through a system of sensors and returned in real time on a monitor in reception who can verify the quality of incoming and outgoing air and the amount of pollutants removed by the Air Factory.

Complementing and celebrating the power of plants, are furnishings and features that offer singular diversions from the white aesthetic. Pops of green fabric and bronze metalwork add a softness to the clinical calm and connect the space to the wider building.

Working lunch 

A forward-thinking brand, Investindustrial proudly respects core Italian working values. Chief amongst them is a flair for hospitality, both for their hardworking team and their valued clients. For staff, the main kitchen sits on level two, formed around an island where lunch is provided by a server and a residential feel creates a relaxed sense of conviviality. There are even four different coffee machines, making sure everyone can have their caffeine fix just the way they like it.

Visiting clients and partners enjoy meetings in a chic dining room, connected to a kitchen hidden behind a pocket door. In this highly functional space, food is prepared in state-of-the-art facilities. For example, a contemporary induction hob with a built-in extractor means no culinary aromas disrupt the environment, ensuring the sensory experience of the office is painstakingly safeguarded.

The final result is a truly special environment worthy of one of the hottest properties in town. 

See the finished space here:

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