9 January, 2023
a space without
knocking down all
of the walls
Hymans Robertson

Can you transform a workspace while reusing existing rooms? Not everyone wants new construction when it comes to creating a working environment that will take their business to the next phase of its ambitions, and you don’t have to.

Your wish is our command

Hymans Robertson work within the financial services sector, with offices in Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. When it came to their offices at One London Wall, our approach was in direct response to the quality of the existing interior and the building itself, the iconic landmark designed by Foster & Partners. We wanted to give it the kind of update that would reflect the future of the business. 

So, that’s what we did:

Re-dressing’ a landmark building 

Our design team set out to refurbish their existing client meeting suite and a separate working floor, deciding to utilise existing room structures but repurposing them to give them a new lease of life. 

We ‘dressed’ the existing rooms so that they felt new, while maximising the sustainable credentials of the refurbishment and freeing up budget for more of the ‘nice to haves’ on the brand’s wish list.

A Beautifully bright welcome area and client space, with space to dwell in pre and post meetings.

Image: Welcome Area

Transforming the way they work

Across the 27,000 square foot workspace we were able to create a positive impact on their business and the agility of their staff and visitors. The new space is complete with a large communal co-working space which has revolutionised the way the team works, allowing for more collaboration and creativity as the business surges forwards.

A Breakout space that doubles as a meeting and working space, this is their cultural hub and their very own co-working space.

Image: Breakout Area

See the full space here:

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