2 June, 2023
Great minds
think alike

Creating the workplace to maximise productivity for a leading software company

ServiceNow is an American software company that helps companies manage digital workflows, digitising and automating siloed processes to help organisations unify and work smarter. It’s all about optimising the work experience for everyone – customers, team members and, ultimately, the business itself with improved productivity and profitability.

They’re values that fully align with our objectives at Maris, which made it a particularly fantastic meeting of minds when they asked us to help them engage their own employee base in the design and build of their UK offices in Staines and London.

Optimising team experience

In a feature in BDC Trades this week it noted:

“Maris Interiors understood what types of activities it needed to design for and excelled at creating efficient floor plates with the WOW factor.”

“We are ensuring that our workforce is well educated on how to use our spaces, as informing them about how to get the best of the workspace as well as the integrated technology is important to maximise productivity and value add.”

Lewis Barker

Director of Workplace & Real Estate EMEA for ServiceNow.

A change of perspective

Their post-pandemic approach to real estate has not been to reduce the company’s property footprint, but to think about it differently in the wake of hybrid working.

Notably, they have focused on including more hub locations to enable teams to gather and meet, more flexible workspace, and they have placed a greater emphasis on community space. The goal is laser focused on maximising efficiency, supporting productivity and enhancing employee experience.

ServiceNow has also noted the importance of comfort and creating amenity rich environments to work in – effectively, spaces that people want to work in rather than being a mere necessity. All of this informed the design approach that Maris took in a collaborative approach to transforming their UK office spaces.

Following the success of those offices, they are now building spaces in Dublin and Munich with features including open spaces, collapsible walls, and acoustic curtains to zone out spaces, all following the benchmark set in the UK.

See the full story here in the BDC Trades publication.

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See the ServiceNow Staines Space here

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