1 May, 2024
Designing an inspiring London HQ for global analytics leader Clarivate
Reimagining what it means to work in a busy City call-centre and office for team wellbeing, inspiration and innovation.

The challenge              

To create a London HQ for a leading global organisation, that reflected their brand and honoured the design language of their other locations, but that also created a clear UK identity. 

The solution            

A powerful combination of technology, sustainability, and an earthy colour palette, as well as a variety of spaces that bring everyone together and create flexibility.

The result            

A total reimagining of what it means to work in an office dominated by a call-centre team, with the creation of an elegant, sophisticated and calming space that supports wellbeing alongside productivity and innovation.      


Clarivate Plc is a British-American, publicly traded analytics company and a global leader in trusted and transformative intelligence. 

Their worldwide office locations span more than 40 countries and 12,000 experts, so when it came to developing their new London HQ, they needed a space that drew on the design narrative of their other offices, but that also gave a distinct character befitting the UK team.

Liaising with the main contact in Ann Arbor in the USA, we embarked on a collaborative project, transforming a floor of the contemporary offices at 70 St Mary Axe in the City of London.


Making an impression

Having worked with Clarivate before, we had an established relationship with the team and an understanding of who they are as an organisation. This enabled us to quickly embrace the wants and needs of the project.

They wanted to highlight Clarivate’s philosophy of innovation from the inside out, presenting an exciting opportunity to be creative with the space and its features. The emphasis was on creating an interactive environment that catches attention as soon as you enter reception, giving employees and visitors a clear impression of them as a brand that accelerates innovation.


A sociable space for Clarivate

The reception was designed to be a showcase area for the company that could also be adapted for use as an event space. Moving into the office itself, you find an entirely open plan space, configured around a central, semi-circular breakout area that encourages people to integrate and socialise away from their desks. It includes a variety of spaces to sit, not least tiered bleacher seating which can also be used for town hall meetings and dialling into calls with the USA and other global offices.

Reimagining the call centre

The majority of the office is dominated by the call centre as the largest proportion of staff work in sales. For this, desk space was imperative, and to optimise the workplace experience this was positioned close to the floor-to-ceiling windows, maximising the use of natural light, supporting their wellbeing. 

Creating areas for people to move to throughout the day, we also featured collaboration tables in the middle of the office, flanked by meeting booths and soft seating. This is framed by a series of meeting rooms that allow for focused conversations and client entertainment.

Grounding Clarivate in technology

Aesthetically, we referenced Clarivate’s other global offices, in particular their location in Kuala Lumpur. This created a relationship between each location and the brand itself, while still honouring their tradition of ensuring an individual identity at each regional hub. Biometric fins were a leitmotif of the brand, which is featured subtly throughout the space, and technology is ever-present, showcased in features such as a video wall that acts as a shadow as you walk past.

Although Clarivate is forward thinking, reflected in the contemporary design of the office, they also wanted to reference the brand’s history. This is done both through the stylistic connectivity with other offices, and by naming each meeting room after a founding research scientist. Each one features an illustrated portrait of the associated scientist, plaques on the door, and colour-drenched walls that match the chairs.


Sustainability and wellbeing

Grounding the technology-driven organisation and bringing a sense of calm, colours are earthy and warm, ceilings are dark, and it was important to the team that we include a lot of plant life, adding to a feeling of wellbeing.

Sustainability was also a high priority, selecting materials such as sustainable woven vinyl flooring, consciously produced from recycled materials, and sustainable timber furnishings. Accessibility was also planned into each part of the office, always considering inclusion.

“The name Clarivate is derived from the words clarity, activate and innovate, and this was definitely the mindset with which they approached their office. They have a clear sense of self, and the result is a workspace that is at once high tech and highly considered for the wellbeing of everyone who spends time in it. In the heart of the City, it feels calm as well as energised, and is a thoughtful approach to creating a sense of calm and optimising the office experience for a busy team.”

Kate McDermott, Design Director at Maris Interiors

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