9 May, 2023
Thoughts from our Design Team:

Adam Haury

Office design is about how people live their lives

“Office design isn’t about how people work, it’s about how people live their lives.”

Adam Haury is a Design Director at Maris who has been with us for 25 years this summer. What he doesn’t know about design and build probably isn’t worth knowing, which makes him a unique talent to have on your project because he knows the things you can only know through experience.

A space that works

“Modern offices are not just about pretty interiors, they’re about functionality, especially post-pandemic. Work environments are not just about how space works but how people live their lives. The workplace, for me, is about the people – it’s understanding each person so you can create a space that works for them.

As designers, we need to find out what peoples’ interests are so we can create that environment around them. It’s actually got to work for you, whether people are tall, short, left handed etc. Our goal is to get the mechanics right and then dress it in a style that fits the brand.”

Work/life balance 

Post-pandemic, offices are more important than ever. They’re no longer places where people have to work but they can be places where people work better, enjoy it, are more productive and have time and space for collaboration and creativity. However, that means helping them to make work fit easily around the demands of modern life as well.  

Adam says: “People don’t have to work at their desks, so you can create little play zones and lounge areas if people like laying on the sofa. There are Zoom booths and Amazon delivery storage facilities, creches – all the home stuff at work we can do to help create great, supportive work environments.”

Coexisting to future proof your brand 

Central to being in an inspiring workplace is the opportunity for learning by osmosis in a workplace, as companies seek to attract, train and retain emerging talent to preserve the future of their organisation. When it comes to design, that means creating an environment that suits someone who’s been in the business for 30 years as well as those joining fresh out of education.

Adam says: “This space we call an office is a box we come to where we do work. In that space you have people towards the end of their careers, who know the industry inside out and hold the knowledge.

They sit alongside 18 year olds who go to Ibiza and listen to pounding music and use multiple screens. The older person wants to sit at a desk and be left alone to do their work, while the younger one wants to interact. Those two people and all the ones in between have to coexist. So, what do you do?

You have to create zones and get the balance of the interior right so everyone can work. The young are the future, but the older people are the knowledge base. Making that work is what design is all about.”

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