6 May, 2023
Crowning Glory
A royal celebration for the Maris team

The big thing about office spaces is that they’re about people – bringing people together, helping them work together, and creating spaces where friendships, ideas and a sense of community can flourish. Naturally, the space itself can only be a facilitator for that – then you have to decide what you’re doing in it.

At Maris, we like to get creative when it comes to team events, whether it’s our weekly drinks or putting an extra proverbial cherry on top for special occasions. Naturally, the coronation of King Charles III was the perfect opportunity for going the extra mile. Up went the bunting and out came more versions of Prince Charles’s face than you can shake a stick at. The Prosecco flowed and the food was fit for a street party.

Creating spaces for teams to gather is an essential part of a modern work environment. Our coffee shop is a meeting spot for every Maris member. Read more about it and how to create one in your workplace. 

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