25 March, 2024
Creating an innovative workspace for Datatonic at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf
We embarked on a transformative journey alongside Datatonic to create an innovative workspace at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf.

With Louis Decuypere, Founder & CEO of Datatonic, at the helm, we worked collaboratively through the design process aimed at not only meeting functional requirements but also embodying Datatonic’s ethos and brand identity in every aspect of the workspace.

The vision was to seamlessly integrate panoramic views of London with Datatonic’s iconic blue cross logo, creating a visually striking and highly functional environment that inspires creativity, fosters collaboration, and enhances productivity.

The project aimed to blur the lines between art, science, and branding, resulting in a workspace that serves as a testament to Datatonic’s commitment to innovation and excellence.


Integration of Brand Identity and Functionality

At the heart of the design lay the seamless integration of Datatonic’s rebrand, with their blue cross logo serving as the guiding motif throughout the office layout.

Divided into three distinct zones – a tranquil space for engineers, a vibrant area for social events and training, and a central collaborative hub – the logo was ingeniously utilised to demarcate these areas, encouraging fluid movement and interaction among team members.

Circular environments, accentuated by the cross motif, created a sense of continuity and flow, while the use of blue acoustic material on the ceiling not only reinforced the brand identity but also contributed to sound absorption, enhancing the overall acoustic environment.


Elevating the Workspace Experience

Beyond its functional aspects, the workspace at One Canada Square was designed to elevate the overall employee experience. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a sophisticated coffee bar against the backdrop of the London skyline, setting the tone for a dynamic and inviting atmosphere.

The central collaborative hub, inspired by Google’s ‘Campfire’ concept, features multi-functional tiered seating adaptable for various meeting configurations, promoting collaboration and idea exchange.

Additionally, the incorporation of a winter garden, replete with raised planters doubling as lockers and sun loungers facing floor-to-ceiling windows, enhances well-being and provides a connection to the outdoors. These elements, combined with unique AI art installations and a clean, minimalist aesthetic, create a workspace that is not only highly functional and inspiring but also beautifully understated, allowing Datatonic’s work, location, and brand to shine through in a distinct and unequivocal style.


The collaboration has resulted in a workspace that transcends conventional office design. By seamlessly integrating brand identity, functionality, and employee experience, the space serves as a testament to Datatonic’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Moving forward, the workspace will continue to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and support Datatonic’s growth and success in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

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