23 August, 2023
Creating a workspace for Gen Z 
Employee spotlight on senior designer, Ellie Mumford

Senior Designer, Ellie, talks about why she starts by thinking from the office intern’s perspective.  

Ellie is a Senior Designer at Maris. Her passion is designing for people, always placing them at the heart of her approach. Considering the changing workplace and how it’s used, she writes about why she’s passionate about designing offices that nurtures upcoming talent.   

Something for everyone

I like designing workspaces because it includes a bit of everything – it’s jazzier than home design, it’s commercial, there’s a bit of hospitality and so on. Post Covid it’s about making the office appealing – building for different people with different needs, and that requires a lot of spaces in one area. 

Making it interesting 

When people think of an office they think of a sea of desks, but that’s not the way it is anymore. Generally, people don’t want to come to work and just sit in the same place all day – there’s a changing psychology to it where it’s become more of a social thing to do. As a designer, you have to provide spaces that allow for that – interesting breakout spaces and different ways for people to mix and interact.   

Workplace wellness 

I really like that employers now want to consider daily experiences with things like wellness rooms, and dedicated spaces for mothers who are still breastfeeding. I like being able to put those types of rooms into play. Lots of companies have a big incentive for wellness, and it’s great to be able to design a gym or a yoga space – it makes the workspace much more playful. 

Creating great experiences 

The big thing for me is that companies are realising their people dedicate their lives to their work, so organisations need to try to create offices that are more than just a space to sit and work. I like being able to provide that. I always try to think about the most junior member of staff or the intern – whoever is at the bottom of the pecking order.

I try to consider how I can make that person’s day a great experience, as well as creating a beautiful space for the person with a corner office and a view. Businesses need to nurture the talent that’s coming through.  I know that if I hadn’t been given a chance at an internship I wouldn’t be sitting here now. Helping businesses keep and nurture young talent, not just attract it, is always something I think about when I’m designing. 

Brand values  

Alongside all of that, these organisations have cultures and brands that you need to respect as a designer. Looking for ways to bring all of that together is a really exciting journey. It’s what I love about my job.  

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