19 September, 2023
Precision pricing: Mastering costing for work and educational spaces
Getting the costings right is one of the most important parts of planning a fit-out for work and educational spaces.

Building starts by getting the budget right!

While we all like the idea of a project without financial limits, getting the costings right is one of the most important parts of planning a fit-out for work and educational spaces. That’s why our Technical Director, Eleanor, is dedicated to the task.

Eleanor is uniquely good at what she does because she not only understands the academics of the job, but the practicalities as well, thanks to a background in traditional construction. Here’s a little insight into her day-to-day…

Working together for a great customer experience

“Everything we do at Maris is about working together and bringing people together. That applies to the way we work as well as what we aim to achieve on our projects. Personally, I love the fast pace of the job – that’s what attracted me to the team.

Typically, a tender will come in and the team will work on the design while I go and visit the site. Then, once we have a proposed floor plan and the basis for the design, I will take the measurements and start getting cost estimates from our supply chain. Thanks to the processes we have in place we’re able to get these quickly, which is essential to the way we operate and meet (exceed) the needs of our clients. This would include all the items we are unable to supply in-house, such as incumbents, specialist joinery etc. We work collaboratively as a team, and that’s essential both for efficiency and accuracy.

Once a project is confirmed, we will have several design meetings with our client looking at finishes and discussing any changes they wish to make to our initial design. Then we fix the costs and proceed with any necessary submissions such as building control and the application of Licence to Alter (LTA) to the Landlord.

Once all of this is in place, we adjudicate our project with our construction team and hand the project over to them for construction. Only then can the build begin – with clients secure in what they can expect not only from their new space, but in terms of cost as well.”

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