9 August, 2023
Bring your kid to work day
All creatures great and small head to Maris HQ

The schools have broken up and it’s the summer holidays – contrary to what the weather seems to think. That means one thing… it was “Bring your kid to work day” at Maris HQ this week.

As you hopefully know by now, when we do something at Maris, we don’t like to do it by halves and this occasion was no different – we went all out. Not only did kids come to work, but so did a tarantula, ducks, a bunny rabbit, lizards and a hamster, a chicken, a couple of pigmy hedgehogs and 2 snakes, courtesy of the team at Rocky’s Animals. 

In addition to creature cuddles, there were activities to enjoy as the children collaborated in teams to teach us a thing or two by designing their own dream office, decorating biscuits and doing plenty of arts and crafts and dressing up. There’s a future Vivienne Westwood amongst this lot, we can tell you! 

If that wasn’t enough, we threw in pizzas for all as well as a movie or two… that’s what you call a tough day in the office.

It was very messy!

But worth it!