10 August, 2023
Brand new brand vision
ID Business Solutions (IDBS)

Completing work on the new offices of a leading tech business

Having designed and built the new, two-floor office space for data management and data analytics software company, ID Business Solutions (IDBS), the final touches were all about imbuing the space with brand identity and personality whilst leaving flexibility for the future growth of the business.

Style and soft furnishings

Stylistically, the new space was representative of the brand and their role within the tech sphere, but that always sat parallel to designing for the people. In the collaborative spaces we brought in brand colours, which hinged on a palette of blue and teal with touches of coral tones, mostly through soft furnishings. 

We maximised underused space; a really special feature was the removal of a ceiling which we replaced with a blue sprayed mesh. This resulted in a greater sense of height and delivered a unique feature that could be see that from lots of different angles, immediately identifying spaces through design. 

Infrastructure for the future

One thing that we, and IDBS were acutely aware of, was that this was a space that was designed with a view to growing the company. That meant it needed the power and infrastructure available to add more desks and more people without compromising the design. However, at the same time it needed to feel complete on day one.

As a result, we didn’t flood the space with furniture, but designed it with flexibility in mind, leaving room for the team to grow and evolve both in volume and how they use their environment, in reality rather than just in theory.

Designer, Caitriona Hughes, said: “It was important that we made sure we future proofed things in the office – for example, the power exists under the floor, so it’s ready for when the team want to put more desks in. It’s not just about what’s visible but making sure that infrastructure is there and planned for.  Overall, the project was wonderful to work on; it was amazing to work with people who focused so carefully on their team. The result was something really special.”

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