13 May, 2024
A sky-high London office that represents the future
Set within the visionary 22 Bishopsgate skyscraper, this 44th floor workspace sought to maximise the view, the experience and the future of work for a multigenerational team and an international brand.

The challenge              

Crafting a functional workspace to meet business needs, promote in-office collaboration for remote workers, cater to all team members, and impress visiting clients.

The solution            

Collaborating globally, we addressed stakeholder needs, employing a hands-on approach to create a flexible and adaptable working environment.

The result            

A versatile, growth-oriented space reflecting UK and global values, seamlessly connecting areas to cater to diverse needs and tasks.

This architecturally striking 278-meter building offers breath-taking views of London’s skyline. Beyond its innovative design, the building embodies a futuristic ethos, incorporating unique features like QR code access, casually dressed staff equipped with iPads, and an ambiance enhanced with scent and music.

On the 44th floor, the client aimed to design a functional workspace that celebrated views, promoted in-office collaboration for remote workers, catered to the needs of all team members, and left a lasting impression on visiting clients.

Panoramic Design for Productivity

As the 44th-floor workspace is situated in an all-glass building, maximising the breathtaking views was a key consideration. The layout was meticulously crafted to encompass diverse spaces, catering to varied needs, from individual workstations to collaborative meeting areas.

The client aimed to make a lasting impression from the entrance, aligning the interior experience with the striking exterior of the architectural marvel.

Collaborative Harmony and Identity Integration

Balancing hosting spaces, collaboration areas, and functional workspaces was crucial in the design process. With a focus on fostering collaboration and accommodating the subsidiary, Pace Port’s tech-led needs, the project required a collaborative and committee-based approach.

The design seamlessly guides visitors through reception to meeting rooms, a client lounge, and the dynamic Sky Lounge, allowing for flexibility while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. The different spaces accommodate the different ways in which staff may choose to work.

However, the space can also be cleared for events for up to 100 people as required, complete with key features such as a video wall for presentations.

Aesthetic Fusion: UK Identity and Global Branding

The design achieved a delicate balance between expressing the UK office’s identity and upholding the global brand image. Using a clean and neutral palette with accent colours drawn from the client’s multi-coloured logo, the space exudes simplicity and sophistication.

Materials such as glass, concrete, timber, and a moss wall in the reception contribute to a harmonious atmosphere, with moveable furniture and distinct zones adding flexibility to the overall aesthetic.

Flexibility in Evolution: A Successful Culmination

Completed in December 2023, the 13-week project not only met its objectives but also laid the groundwork for ongoing evolution. The flexible design caters to the evolving needs of the client, accommodating diverse workstyles and tasks.

The result is a workspace that not only aligns with the client’s core values but also serves as a testament to the successful fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and identity.

“This was an exciting project to work on – a beautiful space, a collaborative and involved team and a clear directive to enhance the experience of employees and clients when they spend time in the workspace. In a post-Covid world, the company was clear that they wanted to give staff reasons to choose to come to the office to collaborate and feel inspired. The design delivers on that brief to a tee, and we look forward to seeing how they evolve within their new environment.”

Toby Moore-Morris, Managing Director at Maris Interiors

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